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19 startups have been selected for Mobility Lab 2022, out of 41 applications. The coming months they will work together with companies or governments to test their solutions for mobility problems. Mobility Lab is THE startup program in the field of mobility. This program links the selected startups with an appealing first customer. So they can test their innovation in the real world.

Startups from the Netherlands and abroad registered for the 6th edition of Mobility Lab. Now 19 Dutch and international startups are selected for the 9-month program. Ten startups are from the Netherlands; the other participants from Europe, Asia and the US. The startups will test their innovative solutions in the regions of Rotterdam, Noord-Brabant, Limburg or Utrecht.

Hans Stevens of the Municipality of Rotterdam and founder of Mobility Lab in 2017, said: “Once again we are surprised by the creativity of the startups for this 6th edition of Mobility Lab! We see practical applications and solutions that can make people’s lives healthier and more liveable. And another trend: there are more solutions for parts of mobility concepts, but fewer concepts as a whole. We will use that insight to ensure that Mobility Lab remains relevant.”

Sustainable mobility

Throughout the Netherlands and abroad, work is being done to achieve sustainable and smart mobility in the safest possible way. In this year’s various Mobility Lab entries, sustainability is a top priority. For example, work is being done on 100% fossil-free, off-grid charging hubs for electric cars and trucks. And on revolutionary high-pressure air motors for all vehicles and vessels that currenly use diesel, petrol, or gas. Another startup wants to make energy accessible everywhere by means of a solar panel that’s easy to use and transport.


A number of this year’s participants are active in the field of safety. For example, a startup offers a safer way to moor at a quay or lock by means of a sensor solution. Another startup ensures that data between machines and infrastructure are sent in a reliable and secure manner. That also plays a mora and more important role in the world of mobility. Another innovation aims to make driving experiences safer: by making the driver aware of things like fatigue, aggression, fear, and distraction while driving.

Shared transport

Shared transport is another subject of Mobility Lab. Example solutions include neighborhood parking facilities filled with shared transport. And: delivery of shared electric cars from a zip code pool and a SAAS platform for organizing and optimizing shuttle services for employees. This system also maps CO2 emissions and the reduction of employee transport accurately. From January 2023 this will be mandatory for companies with more than 100 employees.


The coming months Mobility Lab will set up speed dates to link the selected startups with so-called launching customers. These are parties with a specific mobility problem which an innovation might solve. Once an ideal match is found a tailor-made innovation pilot is developed. So: the mobility solution can be tested in the real world. Ahoy Rotterdam, Achmea, Brabant Mobility Network, and Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar are some of the participating organisations.

More information is available at https://mobilitylab.nl/en/
Past and present startups – in Dutch – you’ll find here: https://mobilitylab.nl/startups/

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