7th Circle

Started early 2018, the Rotterdam based company 7th Circle is in real the offspring of a wide range of creative culinary concepts that have been developed and patented since 2010, now ready to be pitched, marketed or sold. The latest addition to the range is Fooditive®, the world’s first 100% natural sweeteners and additives, extracted from recycled fruits and vegetables. The use of additives and sweeteners is an absolute must nowadays for every single product produced by the food and beverages industry. It is either used to give sweet flavors to drinks, frozen items or sweets and or preserving the product for long duration, with the possibility to create the textures and colour that is right for the product. Fooditive® is the world first zero chemical and natural additives and sweeteners: not only natural but also sustainable since it’s made from 100% recycled fruits and vegetables.

About 7th Circle
7th Circle BV was founded in 2018 by a Moayad Abushokhedim, with the aim of changing the world and making it a better place. At 7th Circle using fruits and vegetables ‘waste’ is what drives the company.