IFAMA 2020

IFAMA 2020

IFAMA2020 is an international conference that focusses entirely on present day and future challenges in the food sector. The full width of the sector will be addressed: from production to processing, from logistics to research.
Start date:
15 juni, 09:00 uur
End date:
20 juni, 21:00 uur
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Food professionals from all over the world will be attending IFAMA2020. For innovators in the food sector it is the perfect occasion to meet entrepreneurs, scientists, companies, policy makers and other stakeholders. Speed dates offer possibilities to come into contact with the people who bring innovations to the next level.

Sharon Janmaat, product manager at Rotterdam Food Cluster, is very enthusiastic about the opportunities of the conference. Sharon: ‘The IFAMA2020 offers extensive knowledge to young professionals from businesses, an international network and opportunity to broaden their horizons.’

The themes for IFAMA2020 are:

  • Resilience of (upcoming) food markets
  • Global distribution networks and logistic hubs
  • Interaction between stakeholders within and between food clusters
  • Smarter choices for better health and sustainability

The first day of the conference has a general character. The following four days will focus on different challenges in more detail and will connect theory and practice. Scientists are invited to present their research insights on important topics.