Digital Friday with DigiTalks and Round Tables

The ingredients for the model digital city

Digitalisation leads to exciting new opportunities, connections, skills and earning models. It is a kick-start for enterprise and employment and to achieve our goals of sustainability and circularity. At the same time, as a city, we have a duty to ensure that digitalisation leads to equal opportunities for all. Together with Vital Cities & Citizens of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), the Municipality of Rotterdam is organising the online event Digital Friday on Friday 27 November.
Start date:
27 november, 11:00 uur
End date:
27 november, 12:30 uur
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A digital talkshow in which Vice Mayor Barbara Kathmann talks to leading professors, the business community, high potential students and experts within the Municipality. Key question: what do we have to do to become the model digital city by 2025? What are the main areas of focus? Listen and discuss with us!

As far as we are concerned, this edition of Digital Friday is the first in a series of events, the start of many great conversations and collaborations in which research, education, business, the Municipality and society work together on creative and innovative solutions. A shared vision and approach, in which digitalisation will be of benefit to the social, physical and economic challenges of the city.

Under the title Rotterdam. Stronger Through, we focus on the economic and social recovery of the city, so that we can emerge from the crisis stronger than we went into it. And we're not doing this alone, but together with the city. It's up to the whole of Rotterdam to tackle these problems together, and that's what we're doing, especially now, more than ever.

We therefore sincerely hope that after 27 November you will want to remain involved and continue to contribute your ideas and actions. The EUR and the Municipality of Rotterdam would be delighted to facilitate this.

See you on 27 November!

Erasmus University Rotterdam (Vital Cities & Citizens) and Municipality of Rotterdam (Rotterdam Digital)