International Smart Cities Online Innovation Mission

Do you want to work on global challenges and local solutions? Do you like innovative technologies and implementation techniques from all over the world? Join our mission and start co-creating smart solutions together.
Start date:
16 november, 00:00 uur
End date:
19 november, 01:00 uur
More informations:
Netherlands Enterprise Agency


Cities are getting denser. More traffic means more pressure on public space. At the same time, citizens need more green areas, less congestion and less pollution. So here we are, on the doorstep of the most critical change of all times. Technology can bring changes that may benefit us all. More than ever, now is the time to look ahead, define our needs for the upcoming years and initiate new smart solutions with a positive impact.

Let’s create sparks of inspiration

We strongly believe we need to collaborate on an international level to shape a better future. Therefore, we are eager to learn about your challenges and to discuss ways in which we can create smart cities together that are safe, circular, green and inclusive. Consider this mission a global village where you can:

  • Share your challenges, ambitions, lessons and best practices;
  • Gain insights into the governance of tech, implementation techniques and smart solutions;
  • Discuss your urban challenges with policy-makers from all over the world;
  • Plan and set the foundations for tangible projects, cross-sectoral and with a wide variety of partners.