Female Leadership: The Sequence (until july 15th)

Female Leadership: The Sequence in 4 inspirational get-togethers

This special sequence organized by Venture Café Rotterdam consists of 4 inspirational get-togethers with roughly 6 weeks in between each of them. Dedicated to inspire, connect and empower women!
Start date:
22 april, 12:00 uur
End date:
15 juli, 14:30 uur
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This is not your ordinary female leadership session, but a space to learn and grow together. The sessions are hosted by Jannelieke Aalstein and Anoesjka Imambaks! On the menu: the tension between being successful and staying true to yourself. Join in for a lunch break full of inspiration.

Session 1: The Core: Authenticity “Choose to Challenge Yourself” (March 11th, 12:00-13:30h CET)

Who are you and what do you stand for? And how does that relate to your view of the world?
Key words: authenticity, your core values and staying true to them, personal leadership

Session 2: Leadership at work (April 22nd, 12:00-13:30h)

Where do you fit? What position suits you?
Key words: staying yourself, authentic leadership, feminist principles

Session 3: Leadership in life (June 3rd, 12:00-13:30h CET)

How to balance work with other things I find important in life? How to stay a woman (“vrouw blijven”)?

Session 4: TBA (July 15th, 12:00-13:30h CET)

You get to decide what we focus on this week