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The founders of Valyuu worked at T-mobile for many years as students and were amazed at the amount of phones and tablets that people leave in the closet and just buy a new one. They wanted to do something about the mountain of electronic waste or e-waste by finding a new destination for smartphones, tablets and other electronics.

Founder Ferhat Topuz: “60 percent of people don’t give their used electronics a second life. Many people find it a hassle. You have to take photos, delete data, negotiate with buyers. And on the other hand, you also see that buyers find it difficult. It’s often not about small amounts. So as a buyer, you also want the assurance that you’re purchasing something good. Valyuu aims to facilitate the buying and selling of electronics for both parties. We check the products for defects, but we only offer products that have not been repaired. Once a new screen, battery, or other repair is needed, Valyuu does not accept the device. We then connect it to a refurbished party. Each product gets a product passport from us before it is resold. And we also take the warranty on ourselves. In addition, we connect consumers to consumers. So there are not four more links in between. This makes the purchase of your device easy and transparent. Actually, we’re more of a matching platform. 

We created an accessible and appealing way to offer your used items. 

Ferhat Topuz, Valyuu

The idea for Valyuu literally started at the dining table of one of my partners’ mothers. At that time, we were buying and selling iPhones through various channels, and they were laid out on her dining table. Of course, that became a bit too much, so we moved to a room in a garage. After a small office in Gorinchem, we eventually ended up in a nice central location in Rotterdam.

Through Up!Rotterdam, we ended up in a network that allowed us to make essential connections that led to our current success and investments. In 2021, when we didn’t have any funding yet, we participated in the Startup Roulette at the Upstream festival. As a result, we built a network and got to know people who eventually invested in us. Access to capital is important in this scene. 

As an entrepreneur, you have to be a bit of a hustler to get things done. It takes time and dedication. You’re going to get a lot of ‘no’, but even then, you have to persevere and find a new way in each time.

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