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We at Rotterdam Innovation City consider a good digital service to be important. That is why we want to make our website accessible for everyone. We are continuously working on the site to further improve accessibility.

We want to fully comply with the accessibility requirements of the government (WCAG 2.1 at level AA) as soon as possible. Complying with this standard makes our website more user-friendly and accessible to all users.

The ambition is that all information on our website is written in understandable English and that the site is usable for everyone. On a number of points we meet the accessibility requirements: we use clear titles and a simple layout of the pages, our website is suitable for both desktops and mobile devices. In addition, videos are subtitled so you can listen to them without sound.

Some elements are embeds from 3rd party services. On off those elements are BuzzSprout the podcasts. We are aware that these are not accessible, but is the resposibilty of BuzzSprout.

The information published by the Municipality of Rotterdam shows that the Rotterdam Innovation City website partially complies with the Temporary Government Digital Accessibility Decree.

Accessibility research has shown that not all requirements are yet met. For each individual deviation from the requirements, the cause is known and the consequence is described, measures have been taken to remedy the deviation AND a concrete date is stated on which the measures will be implemented.

The explanation, under the substantiation of the statement, indicates how far the Municipality of Rotterdam has progressed with the accessibility of Rotterdam Innovation City and what necessary measures are being taken to make the website more accessible.

Status toegankelijkheidslabel van Rotterdam Innovation City. Volg de link voor de volledige toegankelijkheidsverklaring.

Questions or problems?

Do you have tips to make the website more user-friendly? Or do you experience a problem with accessibility? Please contact us via Then we will look for a suitable solution for you.