OASC: Become Better Connected Conference 2024

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The City of Rotterdam and the OASC invite you to the “Become Better Connected” conference of January 2024. This conference will shed new light on the recalibration and strengthening of the OASC-network and will also highlight the interesting developments going on in Rotterdam, the new coordinator of the Council of Cities.

The conference

The “Become Better Connected” conference is organized in Rotterdam, one of the frontrunners in the digital transformation. The city of Rotterdam is building an open urban platform as centerpiece of the new digital infrastructure for its ecosystem, that will empower new ways of living, working, and playing together. In their continues exploration of the digital frontier, Rotterdam is collaborating closely together with SMEs, universities, and other members of the OASC-network. Such partnerships underline the importance of inclusive, progressive, and technology-driven urban development. During the second day of the conference, you will be introduced to a more interoperable, immersive, interconnected, and dynamic way of life that will redefine the essence of our urban existence. As our physical world and our digital world are coming closer and closer together, enormous opportunities and various challenges arise. Join us for a day dedicated to exploring the complex facets of the digital landscape, focusing on themes as interoperability, inclusiveness, ethics, governance, the quadruple helix, and diversity.

The program

The conference spans over two insightful days, with January 16th marking the OASC community day – a special occasion open to all members and partners of the OASC community. This day serves as a unique opportunity for participants to engage in collaborative discussions, share experiences and foster connections within the OASC- network. Following, a networking dinner will be organized in the city of Rotterdam, for further exchanges and relationship-building. The conference continues January 17th, this day will be dedicated to delving into a variety of compelling topics, offering a platform for the exploration of innovative ideas and the exchange of valuable insights relating to smart cities. It promises to be a day of learning, collaboration, and inspiration for all attendees.

We’re proud to present an inspiring program with a variety of speakers and perspectives, ensuring accessibility for everyone, providing an enriching experience for all who participate. During the conference we will look back on what already has been achieved, involve you in the latest developments and use cases and of course take a sneak peek into an exciting future!


To register for the conference you can click here.

Start date
16 January 2024, 08:30
End date
17 January 2024, 16:00
Hotel nhow, Wilhelminakade 137, Rotterdam, 3072 AP, Netherlands

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