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How to organize innovation in your business: a fast-paced, 1-day program for established companies in the maritime, offshore and port industries.

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Insights for innovators: How to organize innovation in your business

Most maritime, offshore and port-related companies innovate constantly. They are always on the lookout for new technological and operational solutions, which often also have a sustainability or digitalisation component. At the same time, many companies struggle to integrate ‘innovation’ into the structure of their organisation.

As an established player in the maritime sector, it’s essential for your business to be able to stay on top of market developments and take steps to innovate structurally. So, you’re looking to collaborate with or invest in start-ups or scale-ups, i.e. small, highly specialized companies with solutions that fit with your portfolio and can help your company grow.

If you are looking for ways to make this happen, then Innovator in a Day is ideal for you. Learn all about Open Innovation Management!

Is your business struggling with any of the following challenges?

Working with start-ups or scale ups

    It may sound easy, but only 1 out of every 3 collaborations between a starting and an established company is successful. You will learn about the critical success factors.

    Strategic support

    Setting up your innovation strategy is great, but you could use some guidance. Take your first steps in developing an innovation strategy and be inspired by your peers!

    Missing internal structures

    Not every company has the necessary internal structures to take a new product from concept to execution or indeed how to organize innovation. You will learn how to start building/influencing towards an internal structure that works.

    No landing point

    You have decided to work with a start-up or scale-up or you’re developing a groundbreaking product yourself. You have lots of ideas and even some initial proof and now it’s time to implement this product or method into your business processes. And now you’re stuck. Learn why you are stuck and what is required to prevent this from happening.

    In short, if you are a shipowner, technical supplier, shipyard, port authority, terminal operator or maritime service provider, and struggling to get going with innovation or go to the next level, then PortXL can get you up to speed – in just one day.

    What can I expect?

    Innovator in a Day is a mix between theory and practice. We expect you to do some homework in advance in order to get the best value in a day. During Innovator in a Day you’ll gain knowledge about:

    Part I: fundamentals of Innovation Management

    • Innovation Excellence
    • Innovation Strategy
    • Innovation Culture

    Part II: organizing Innovation

    • Innovation Methods
    • Innovation Accounting
    • Innovation Governance

    Part III: fundamentals of Open Innovation

    • Open Innovation

    Where & when can I participate?

    • PortXL organizes this workshop once every quarter
    • Location: Innovation Dock, RDM Campus, Rotterdam
    • 695 eur p/p, min. 6 – max. 15 participants
    • Note that we’ll also give you a tour of the facilities! This space is reserved for all kinds of emerging technology companies to whom innovation is second nature.


    Email Sabina Groenveld: sabina.groenveld@portxl.org to enroll in a workshop or for more information.

    Get started

    1. What are the most relevant trends (social, demographic, technological, legal and regulatory) for your company’s business/ business unit? (take with you)
    2. What is your organization’s/ business units innovation strategy? (take with you)
    3. What are examples of open innovation in your company working with startups/ scaleups. What went well and what proved to be difficult? (take with you)
    4. What are 5 active important innovation projects within your organization? (take with you)
    5. What is your assessment of your organization’s innovation culture? (we will supply a PDF, that needs to be handed in upfront)
    6. How does your organization cross the chasm from innovation and development to production and delivery at scale? (exploitation)
    Start date
    01 July 2024
    End date
    01 July 2024
    Innovation Dock, RDM Campus

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