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Join the Symbiosis Symposium at BlueCity, Rotterdam, the annual gathering for everyone passionate about the circular economy. This event is a day of inspiration, reflection, and networking designed to empower individuals and organizations striving for a more sustainable future. Whether you’re deeply involved in the circular economy or just starting to explore its possibilities, this symposium is for you.

Symbiosis Symposium offers a unique opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and reflect on your own systems constructively. Discover fresh ideas and insights that can enhance your approach to sustainability.

Inspiring keynote speakers

The program features three thought-provoking keynote speakers who envision a more sustainable future. Journalist Wouter van Noort will engage in insightful conversations with them, offering a unique perspective. Climate activist Chautuileo Tranamil will delve into intergenerational thinking and climate justice, while impact investor Wouter Veer explores bridging the gap between old and new economies. Thinker Laureate Marjan Slob will challenge our perceptions of nature.

Deep Dives and Zoom Outs

Deep dive session at BlueCity

In the afternoon, dive deep into immersive sessions where pioneers and institutions share their products, ideas, challenges, and requests for assistance.

Explore topics like conducting business when nature is granted rights, reimagining Rotterdam or the world as a National Park, and securing financing for a non-growth-based company. Choose sessions that resonate with you and get inspired.

For detailed agenda visit the Symbiosis Symposium agenda.

Lunch and Networking

Enjoy a delicious lunch in the unique setting of the wave pool while networking with like-minded individuals. Visit the information market to connect with BlueCity entrepreneurs and partners, getting answers to your circular business questions. You might discover something you weren’t even looking for.

Guided Tours

Get on the road with Iddo Drevijn. Photo: Anne Kære Fotografie

Get an inside look at the Lab and production areas of BlueCity, where entrepreneurs are pioneering with residual flows, fungi, organisms, and yeasts.

Join our knowledgeable guides and immerse yourself in this fascinating ecosystem.

Secure your spot now and be part of the Symbiosis Symposium.

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Start date
28 September 2023
End date
28 September 2023
BlueCity, Maasboulevard 100, Rotterdam, 3063NS, Netherlands

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