TechChill 2024

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TechChill 2024, Riga’s premier tech and startup event that serves as a nexus for knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities in the dynamic world of Baltic entrepreneurship. Organized by The TechChill Foundation, a non-profit organization, this event is a hub for fostering meaningful connections among startups, investors, customers, and employees.

TechChill opens the doors to a global perspective, bringing together international industry experts and the brightest talents. Gain insights into global trends, challenges, and opportunities that can elevate your startup to new heights.

Networking opportunities in Riga, and surrounding ecosystems.

Forge invaluable connections with potential partners, investors, and collaborators. TechChill creates an environment where meaningful interactions can blossom, paving the way for partnerships that can redefine the trajectory of your startup.

From navigating uncertain times to the influence of Music & Audio on startups, delve into the realms of Robotics & AI, and engage in discussions about Work-life & Culture, Health Tech & Longevity, Climate Tech & Mobility, and the cutting-edge world of Web3 & Gaming, your startup can find its niche and valuable connections.

For more information, please visit official website of the event.
Start date
17 April 2024
End date
18 April 2024
Day 1: Fantadroms, Days 2 & 3: Hanzas Perons, Ryga, Latvia

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