Enabling Pioneers - Outlander Materials

Pioneers need room to experiment, learn and grow. Rotterdam has a lot of derelict real estate, that have lost their original relevance. Across the city, these former factories and other abandoned buildings now serve as local hubs for innovation. A great example is a former tropical swimming pool which has transformed into a hub for a wide array of innovative pioneers that focusses on sustainable innovation for a circular economy, also known as BlueCity. Outlander Materials fits seamlessly into this micro-ecosystem. The company is taking the world by storm with its ingenious solution to produce bio based, circular alternatives plastics using waste streams from beer breweries.

Blue City
Blue City is an incubator for circular entrepreneurs in and around Rotterdam. Based in a former swimming pool, they are a hive for a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, researchers, neighbours, the government and education. It’s a breeding ground for innovative companies that work in the circular economy.)