Cyber Resilience

Cyber crime

Our daily live and businesses expect to have digital services and goods avalaible 24/7. Like we have been working on psychical resilience, for instance the challenge of living below sea-level, we are well aware that ‘digital Rotterdam’ needs to be resilient as well. Therefore digital resilience and cyber security is very important in Rotterdam. The Port Cyber Resilience programme, called FERM is one of the answers to this. FERM invests in online and offline relations between port companies and puts them behind the common goal to ensure digital safety for themselves and for the greater good, Rotterdam and its port. FERM has also appointed a Port Cyber Resilience Officer. His task is to raise awareness about cyber security and resilience in the port of Rotterdam. FERM also ensures that companies have access to urgent information about cyber security. 

Cyber Assessment Rotterdam 2022

Cyber ​​attacks can be disruptive to society and cause major economic damage. Attacks can be so disruptive that they have a long-term impact on citizens, organizations and chains. Rotterdam therefore pays a lot of attention to making the region more resilient against future cyber attacks.

The aim of the Cyber ​​Assessment Rotterdam 2022 is to gain a better insight into the current digital resilience, to make sectors aware of potential and possibly cross-sector cyber threats and opportunities, and to identify actions that will ensure greater cyber resilience.