Digital twin - unlocking the power of data

Rotterdam is a transparent city. We have different platforms for sharing and exchanging knowledge, such as our health atlas, the neighbourhood profile, access to transparent budgets or our open GIS maps. We offer a lot of information, but that information can often be fragmented. One of the ways we try to solve that challenge, is the 3D digital version of our city.

Rotterdam 3D is a 3D representation of the municipality based on a number of basic records, height data, management data and photographic material. So, not only is it a beautiful picture, but it's also a representation that geometrically fits with reality. There are countless new applications because it matches the basic records. And Rotterdam 3D doesn't just consist of buildings. Information about trees, lampposts and cables and pipes is now also available in 3D.

Available to everyone
The Municipality of Rotterdam has made Rotterdam's 3D city model freely available to anyone who wants to use it. The Basic Information department wants to encourage the use and applications of these unique data records. With the right tools, schools and universities, government and Rotterdam services, gamers, the business community in the Netherlands and abroad, and residents can all visualise Rotterdam in a way that can't be done on a flat map.

Free data
Making this data accessible offers Rotterdammers the opportunity to help build the city. That is why the data is complete, up to date and free of charge! We are at the forefront of the world and provide our knowledge and experience nationally and internationally across various platforms. During the last edition of SXSW (Austin, TX) we shared our insights on Rotterdam 3D and shared our knowledge.