We are proud of some of the results we have achieved in shaping society that is inclusive and sustainable, creating an economy that attracts innovators and pioneers and building a future for all.

Rotterdam is dealing with several major social, economic and environmental challenges. The contrasts between people who lack education and those who are highly educated, between those who have a lower income and those at the top are still firm. Much of our port and industry are still fossil based, making our economy vulnerable in the long term.

Our efforts to meet these challenges are constrained by the limits of our budget and manpower. These limits require us to think creatively and act daringly. We are proud of the results we have achieved in shaping a society that is inclusive and sustainable, creating an economy that attracts innovators and pioneers. In order to build a future for all.

Smart thinking is circular thinking.

An obvious way to get the most out of our resources is reduce, re-use and recycle. By 2030, the circular economy will be the standard in Rotterdam. By extension, this also means that we will produce the least possible waste and harmful emissions. To make optimal use of our resources we must do more than prioritising the right issues, it requires us to develop new partnerships that enable the sharing of creativity, resources and maximum success. Collaborations between citizens, the public sector, large businesses and smaller creative entrepreneurs have resulted in 50 new circular initiatives at circular hotspots across the city.

Taking the lead: towards a zero-emission port.

In 2018, the Port of Rotterdam met its goal to reduce its CO2-production by 20%, compared to 2016. This reduction was achieved by stimulating the use of cleaner fuels and a modal shift towards cleaner modes of transportation.

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Open for business: CIC Rotterdam

The Cambridge Institute for Innovation chose Rotterdam as its European base of operations to serve its mission: help their clients provide tomorrow’s answers to today’s problems.

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Real prosperity is inclusive prosperity

By empowering more of our citizens to participate, to be productive, to take the lead and to innovate we are building the foundations for a future that is inclusive, prosperous and sustainable.

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Opportunities for new jobs in a zero waste economy.

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Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement, which was signed by the business community, educational institutions and the municipality, is an important instrument in terms of employment in Rotterdam. The aim of the agreement is to get and keep more Rotterdammers in work.

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The Next Economy Roadmap for a Next Society

. The Next Economy Roadmap is a comprehensive economic strategy that allows us to maintain our competitive position and create a hopeful future for the people in our region.

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WeTech rapport 2018: Rotterdam as a healthy ecosystem

The freshly published StartupBlink Global Rankings Report 2019 ranks 100 countries and 1000 cities based on the strength of their ecosystem(s). In the Netherlands, ranked 6th among countries, Rotterdam follows Amsterdam as the second most developed ecosystem in the Netherlands.

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WW@Work: Everyone benefits from economic growth

In 2018, 4,506 Rotterdammers started work. In addition, the intake is almost 17% lower than in 2017. Through the joint initiatives of WW@Work and BuroWerk, 1,050 people received support to find work in 2018.

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