Bottom up involvement, local answers, life long learning.

The challenges Lower income work and social disadvantages in a demanding world.

The hustle and bustle of Europe's largest port has always attracted people from all over the world seeking a new life. The gateway to Europe provides economic growth, prosperity and jobs.

Traditionally these jobs however tended to be the less well-paying blue collar jobs for workers with a lower than average education. The majority of the people of Rotterdam have roots outside of the Netherlands. Many are facing financial or social problems that diminish their chances on a labour world economy that is growing ever more demanding and competitive.

The Rotterdam response: bottom up involvement, local answers, life long learning.

Inclusiveness is not just a noble aspiration of itself, it also offers boundless opportunities to forge new alliances and venture ahead into new territories previously deemed inaccessible. Inclusiveness starts with meaningful engagement and involvement. In Rotterdam, engagement of citizens does not end by just asking for their opinions on important matters. Wherever we see ambition, we stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Wherever possible we provide the people tools, means and regulations that enable ownership and responsibility. Wherever needed we provide citizens with the opportunities to educate themselves and improve their lives.

Bottom up: Refugees Forward

In 2018 one of the ideas launched by Citylab010 was Refugees Forward. This is a four-month program that helps refugees with entrepreneurial aspirations start their own business, gain economic independence and become productive citizens of their new home city.

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Rotterdams Weerwoord: dealing with climate change

Rotterdams Weerwoord (The Rotterdam Response to Climate Change) aims to activate citizens and businesses across the city by not just informing them of policies and measures put in place, but by stimulating them to get involved and take action themselves.

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For the future: lifelong learning

The ICT Campus Rotterdam engages 50.000 elementary school children and vocational student with workshops and educational programs to pick up the skills needed for the digital transformation.

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7th Circle

7th Circle BV was founded in 2018 by a Moayad Abushokhedim, with the aim of changing the world and making it a better place. At 7th Circle using fruits and vegetables ‘waste’ is what drives the company.

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A healthy future for Rotterdam South with NPRZ

In the National Programme Rotterdam South (NPRZ), the government, the municipality of Rotterdam, corporations, care institutions, school boards, the business community, the police and the Public Prosecution Service are working on a healthy future for Rotterdam South.

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Right 2 Challenge

Right 2 Challenge is a way of participation in which districts and neighbourhoods take local facilities and municipal duties into their own hands. Right 2 Challenge motivates the people of Rotterdam to put good ideas into practice.

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