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Thanks to the scale of Helloprint, I have the opportunity to assist startups and other entrepreneurs. In fact, my company is the vehicle through which I can do what I truly love.

Hans Scheffer started Helloprint in 2013. The company has since grown into Europe’s largest marketplace for custom print products. Where the products are made and how they are delivered is determined using intelligent, self-developed algorithms.

Scheffer says, “We offer local production and delivery to a global audience of creative entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, and e-commerce companies, reducing costs, delivery speed, and carbon footprint.”

But what truly sets Helloprint apart is the people on the team. “They make the difference. We provide an environment that challenges you to bring out the best in yourself. This fosters a group of people with a similar drive – individuals who want to excel but are also team players and want to give back to others. It’s this last part that truly delights Scheffer. He sees his company as a vehicle through which he can help others.

Scheffer explains, “I’ve been an entrepreneur for 25 years and deeply involved in what’s happening in the region. When Helloprint rapidly grew into a large company, I realized I could do more with it than just make money. It gave me the opportunity to do more for the city and the region by helping other initiatives grow. I believe that as an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t only focus on your own business but also consider what else you can do. When I meet a young entrepreneur, I tell them, ‘Come sit in my office, and you’ll have all the facilities at your disposal.’ This way, we make each other stronger.

I see the future in a positive light when we work together.

Hans Scheffer, Founder & CEO at Helloprint

As a born and raised Rotterdam native, I promised everyone at Helloprint from the very beginning that our headquarters would always stay in Rotterdam as long as I am the CEO, and everyone can hold me to that. Because entrepreneurship is so much more than just having favorable conditions; it’s also about believing in the city you come from and owe everything to. It’s a city that’s constantly evolving, and I see that entrepreneurs are increasingly seeking collaboration. We create this climate together. But there are still plenty of things to develop.

Better capital resources, education, and the overall attractiveness of Rotterdam as a base of operations could be even stronger, in my opinion. However, if we (collaborate even more), I have every confidence that we will achieve that together.”

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