The challenges: A pocket sized world city.

Rotterdam is a pocked sized version of the world’s largest cities. We face the same or social, economic and environmental problems. Rotterdam is also a typical second city. Attracting talented people and investors has been an uphill struggle at times. By focussing our attention on our core strengths such as logistics, maritime, food, energy and architecture we successfully have built up the city's international profile. Rotterdam now has the attention of innovators, businesses and investors alike and is benefitting greatly from the added economic activity and the new ideas they bring.

The Rotterdam response: Team up, scale up, share and learn.

Together with our national government and other major cities in the Netherlands, new forms of cooperation and instruments are designed and applied beyond the city limits. By teaming up, we share the risks and investment requirements. By scaling up, we greatly increase the impact of our initiatives. We extend this spirit of cooperation beyond our national borders.

Rotterdam is a member of several regional, European and global networks of other cities, business partners and universities. We are part of the 100 Resilient Cities Network and were one the first C40 innovator cities. These networks help cities become more resilient to physical, social, and economic challenges in the nearby future. Rotterdam was also one of the first members of the 100RC-network; our track record for water management will prove to be of great value when other cities need to adapt to the otherwise devastating effects of climate change.

Because of our scale, an energetic make-it-happen attitude and our mental agility we are able to test different solutions and innovative practices. What works in Rotterdam may serve as a template elsewhere.

Rotterdam Zuid: a testbed for innovation.

Some would even call it a problematic area. We have chosen this area as a launching pad for the RUGGEDISED initiatives.

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Digital twin: unlocking the power of data.

A digital twin of our city offers a shared platform upon which exciting new innovations can be built. By sharing insights and data freely we ensure new ideas come to fruition and gain traction.

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PortXL: expanding across the world.

Cultivating a spirit of innovation and collaboration within the global maritime industry, PortXL has built a lively ecosystem of start-ups and corporate partners.

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Rotterdam as one of the 100 resilient Cities

In order to share our knowledge and learn from others, Rotterdam is part of ‘100 resilient Cities’. An organisation that helps cities around the world to become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. The focus is Urban resilience.

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