Foto: Cathelijne Beckand

First floating street in Rotterdam

This spring the first harbour lofts arrived in the Nassauhaven in Feijenoord

The floating houses were transported from the construction site in Rotterdam East over the Nieuwe Maas to its new address. Due to the housing need in the city as well as the limited space available, Rotterdam is looking at the water for possible new residential areas.

For this new project the municipality looked for a developer experienced in building sustainable water houses. In the future Rotterdam hopes to create more water houses, following other examples of floating building in the city like the Bobbing Forest, Aqua Dock and Floating Farm.

Sustainable living

The harbour lofts are constructed with sustainable materials. The houses are well insulated, produce their own energy through solar panels, generate heat via a biomass installation and clean their own wastewater. As the lofts are seen as real estate, banks are prepared to extend regular mortgages to future residents.

Due to the open connection with the sea the difference in high and low tide in the Naussauhaven is between 1.5 and 2 metres. During high tide the homes float almost one floor higher, offering a great view on the Nassauhavenpark. This park borders a nature-friendly bank, creating a green living environment for the lofts.

Altogether, there will be eighteen harbour lofts in the Nassauhaven. The first floating street in Rotterdam will be completed by the end of 2020.