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Rotterdam is a hotbed for innovative entrepreneurs that contribute to a sustainable, circular, inclusive and digital city in the new economy. Up!Rotterdam supports these entrepreneurs in scaling up their businesses, by providing them with better access to capital, talent, and new markets and by shaping a community that enhances peer learning.

The importance of fast-growing companies for a future-proof economy of the city of Rotterdam.

The city of Rotterdam has rapidly become a cradle of innovative and fast-growing companies, creating solutions for challenges such as climate change, digitalization, a growing population in cities, and the rise of new sustainable economies with wise management of natural resources.

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Rotterdam stands as the second-most prominent startup and scale-up hub in the Netherlands. The city’s flourishing economy is fueled by a workforce of over 49,000 FTEs dedicated to driving the growth of these enterprises.

In the past five years, investments in startups in Rotterdam have tripled, solidifying the city’s position as a hub for future-proof economic development.

However, the progress of these dynamic companies has plateaued. Both nationally and in Rotterdam, the number of scale-ups has trended downward.

Despite a high number of vacancies at startups and scale-ups, there are barriers to rapid growth and a shortage of regional growth capital, particularly in the later stages of development.

In order to sustain and accelerate the growth of these innovative firms, decisive action must be taken to address these challenges and provide the necessary support and resources.

More findings on the state of Startups and Scale-ups in Rotterdam – The Hague Area Report can be found here.

Up!Rotterdam and strategic approach for the fast growers

Over the past three years, Up!Rotterdam targeted approach to supporting fast-growing companies has allowed gaining insight into the challenges our local startups and scaleups face, and determine which interventions are most effective in driving their growth.

By connecting relevant parties, strengthening existing initiatives, and developing new programs as needed, we have been able to provide the necessary support and resources to these high-potential firms. This targeted approach is crucial in ensuring the continued growth and success of these key players in our economy.

Up!Rotterdam is dedicated to supporting the growth of fast-growing companies through a variety of activities. We work closely with over 60 co-creation partners to connect, strengthen, and innovate, and provide access to a range of programs from leading organizations such as Techleap, RVO, Innovation Quarter, SES, CVN, EIT, and Dutchbasecamp, among others.

By collaborating with these partners and leveraging their expertise, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of support to the businesses we serve.

Rotterdam Ecosystem Community Introduction

Ecosystem participants can introduce themselves and join the Rotterdam startup and scale-up Community.