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Capital is a key ingredient to growing your business. The Rotterdam region offers various funding options. Together with our partners, we connect you to investors, venture capital funds and subsidies in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Depending on the stage your company is in, you may need access to different types of capital. Rotterdam provides this access through local, national, and international investors that will help you reach your growth targets.

Information & Advice

First, it’s important to find out what type of financing is suitable for you. Getting the right advice will keep you away from headaches caused by making the wrong investment decisions with your venture.

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Individual Support

In Rotterdam, you can get capital through individual support. This type of support allows you to build relationships with potential investors and get invaluable feedback on your company.

Network & Programme

Rotterdam’s capital network and programs will support you with raising capital and provide you with access to mentors & invaluable resources. You may then use these to improve your business idea, find the right investor, and much more

Investor Readiness Programme

Get support with understanding what makes your business unique by putting yourself in the shoes of an investor. Through the Investor Readiness Programme, you will get a better understanding of the opportunities that early-stage funding sources offer.

Together with the programme’s Business Developers, you will work for ten weeks to create a stunning proposal. Through one-on-one sessions you work on all building blocks of your business case; from market validation, your team and your proposition to the company culture.

During plenary sessions, you will receive feedback from participants, your Business Developer, and the financial & knowledge partners who are closely involved in the program. In ten weeks, you will know exactly how to apply for funding.

What can you expect from the Investor Readiness Programme?

  • Developing your first IP strategy together with the Dutch Patent Office
  • Taking part in a legal scan allows you to map out the risks of your startup’s company structure & business case
  • Conducting a team analysis to gather the necessary insight into the qualities of your core team and any points for improvement
  • Developing a practical and concrete investor readiness plan & preparing for the financing application together with your Business Developer.

After ten weeks, you will submit the application to the right financier. And that’s awesome.

Yes!Delft Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program is an intense 3-month program, followed by ongoing support and access to Yes!Delft’s community of mentors, experts and partners. This programme will help you to strengthen the foundation of your startup and accelerate traction in the market. Get connected to an experienced mentor, experts, and fellow founders. Join workshops and masterclasses that are relevant to you and succeed in no time.

Debt Financing

This type of financing is the most common among start-ups that are in the early stages of development. However, it is also suitable for established companies that are looking to grow. It may include business loans, lines of credit, and mortgages.

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Grants & Subsidies

Depending on the nature of your business, you might be eligible for grants & subsidies in Rotterdam. These programs help you reduce running costs, cut back on your operational expenses, and give your business a competitive edge.

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Seed Capital

Seed Capital is early-stage equity funding that provides you with capital to develop your business and get it to the next stage of development. Usually, this capital is used to develop an idea, product, or service of a startup.

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Series A & Series B

Typically, companies that are at this stage have already built a solid, functional product or service. Series A is the first round of capital that helps companies grow and survive through their next stages of development, while Series B is naturally the second round of funding. The average Series A funding as of 2020 is €14 million while the average Series B funding is around €30 million.

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Corporate Venture Capital

Thanks to the increase in technology start-ups, Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is on the rise. This type of capital is a subset of venture capital that is provided by corporations, often through established networks in which corporations invest in start-ups.

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