Up! Investor Matching

For any startup or scale-up founder, having a strong network is a must. But building one isn’t always that easy. Knowing that and aiming to connect founders with the right stakeholders in their industry, PHX has created a global network of over 10,000 investors, entrepreneurs, corporates, and policy makers, among others.  

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Launched in 2016, it has helped founders gain access to some of the key players in tech by organizing cross-border events, dinner tours, curated programs, and exclusive meetings. 

As an initiative whose goal it is to ‘make the network work for you’, Up!Rotterdam has partnered with PHX to set founders up forbespoke (investment-related) connections. That means PHX can help provide warm, personal introductions to top tier investors around the globe based on a scale-up’s current or future investment needs.

If you are one of those scale-ups looking to grow your network and make invaluable connections in your market, reach out to us to learn how we can help you further.