Access to talent

Find the best talent to grow and scale your business in Rotterdam.

Tapping into this city’s talent pool doesn’t have to be difficult. The strong local ecosystem provides a plethora of partners that offer unique channels through which you can access their talent pools.

Access to Talent | Rotterdam Ecosystem Guide for Startups & Scaleups

Job Boards

The most simple way for candidates to find job opportunities is through job boards. Naturally, companies use job boards to advertise their roles. The more niche the job boards are, the more likely it is that you will find the right candidates for your startup or scaleup.

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Academic Institutions & Student Associations

If you’re seeking top young talent, both student associations & academic institutions will provide you access to their talent pools.

Using a top-down approach, you have the opportunity to reach out to large bodies of students through program managers at academic institutions in Rotterdam.

You will have to be specific regarding the added value your proposition has for students. Run by students, associations are part of academic institutions. They can be found in all faculties and cover a wide range of interests anywhere from tech to extreme sports

Using a bottom-up approach, connecting with associations in Rotterdam will allow you to build relationships with students in the exact niche that is relevant to you.

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Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

Employer Branding is the marketing of a company’s employer brand to attract talent. This means that employer branding is not just visualizing the company culture, it is making sure that this company culture comes out in everything that happens to and with applicants.

Employer branding is important for companies because it ensures their organization will be able to attract the best employees they can. While building an employer brand is second nature for some companies, others might find it difficult to tailor their story to the target audience they are targeting.

On the other hand, recruitment marketing is a business approach that aims to utilize recruitment marketing channels and techniques to generate talent acquisition. It is commonly used for recruitment campaigns, recruitment advertising, and recruitment branding. Companies usually use recruitment marketing to achieve their employer branding objectives.

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Recruitment Tech

Recruitment tech refers to software applications for recruiting, assessments or other human resource management activities.

Deep learning algorithms are used to make software better at improving the recruitment process. By using these algorithms, companies can get a better picture of candidates’ skills and abilities, helping them decide whether to hire that candidate or not. Such recruitment tools can also help companies analyze employee performance, to see how each employee is performing as compared to other employees in their team as well as other teams.

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Talent Development

Helping talent grow & develop is essential. The right talent supports business goals, drives innovation, and helps companies achieve their potential.

The best way to develop that talent is by providing opportunities for learning & development. You can do it through support, hands-on experience & feedback, coaching, and mentoring. When this support is coupled with industry-specific education, candidates get equipped with resources that will make it simple for them to land a purposeful job in a competitive market.

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Applicant Tracking Systems

An Applicant Tracking System is software used by firms to manage and track talent (individuals) who apply for their open positions.

These systems help identify talent, sort talent in the right order, and filter talent out of the applicant pool when required.

Organizations may use Applicant Tracking Systems to:

  • improve workflows;
  • maximize talent acquisition efforts;
  • increase compliance with recruitment processes;
  • and reduce manual effort.

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Residence permit for essential startup personnel

Is a foreign employee essential for your startup? This person may require a residence permit to work and live in the Netherlands. Based on nationality and other factors, different rules may apply when getting this person on board.

Follow the link below, to read about the requirements and advice on how to apply for the residence permit of the essential startup employee.

Know more from the Dutch Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship website

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