Access to markets

Let’s go for rapid international business growth

If you want to grow your business, it is of crucial importance to have sufficient access to local, national, and international markets. Up!Rotterdam collaborates with several parties and programs to accelerate the process of gaining access to relevant (international) markets for companies.

Get access to Markets | Rotterdam Ecosystem Guide for Startups & Scaleups

One of the largest challenges for startups & scaleups is gaining access to their target market. Depending on the nature of the support, companies can access individual, network, or program initiatives that will help them achieve this task.

Explore program & network organizations providing market access support in Rotterdam.

Individual Support

One-on-one support is invaluable. Individual support programs can help you build relationships with potential clients, get valuable feedback on how current customers perceive your brand, find the right distribution channels, and more.

Explore all organizations providing individual market access support in Rotterdam.

Buccaneer Delft

🟢 Applications open

Buccaneer Delft accelerates scale-up growth, mobilizes the energy and offshore industry and facilitates high-impact partnerships. Buccaneers serve the energy transition with surprising technological innovations transforming the industry. 

At Buccaneer, the focus is on you; expect a custom approach, network entry, market insights, client meetings, HSE and more.

Programme & Network

Rotterdam offers dozens of tailored programs that will support you with accessing new markets; both nationally & internationally. Parallel to this, organizations that provide networking opportunities can help you get introductions to the right people in your industry.

Yes!Delft Validation Lab

🟢 Applications open

The Validation Lab is a 10-week program during which you will validate your idea and find the right target market. 

By participating in the Validation Lab, you will acquire the right set of skills & start tackling the largest challenges you can expect to face during the entire lifecycle of your startup. 

Joining the program allows you to validate your business idea, talk to customers, and find your Problem-Solution Fit.

BlueCity CIRCO Track

🟢 Applications open

CIRCO accelerates the development of a circular economy, with design as the driving force. During a CIRCO Track, you are introduced to the possibilities of circular design and entrepreneurship for your business. 

You will see where circular opportunities lie and take concrete steps toward the development of new business models. The participating team of each company consists (preferably) of a designer/engineer/product manager and someone who knows the market, customers and stakeholders. 

Together, you explore opportunities and take the first steps in developing new products, services and business models.


🟢 Applications open

Unlock provides a tailored incubator program that opens doors for startups in Life Science & Health to the rich ecosystem of businesses, research institutions and knowledge centers at the Leiden Bio Science Park.


🟢 Applications open

HortiHeroes connects new technologies and business models of start-ups & scale-ups (from inside and outside the Food & Flower Industry) with established companies. This interaction gives both the start-up community and the established companies access to knowledge, network, innovations and facilities.

Space Business Innovation Center Noordwijk

🟢 Applications open

The Ignition Programme is a 1-month pre-incubation program designed to improve a company’s ESA BIC application, resulting in a higher chance of acceptance. Each year there is a Spring and Fall edition you may apply for.

Growth College

🟢 Applications open

The Growth College offers a mix of inspiring and practical lectures by professors who are known as experts in their field, guiding entrepreneurs towards achieving their growth ambitions daily. The learning cycle consists of a variety of activities within eight modules, each of which includes an online lecture, online tutorial and assignments that lead to a concrete and complete personal growth plan for your company.


🟢 Applications open

ScaleUpFood empowers innovative F&A leadership teams to scale their impact. Through multi-disciplinarian support, ScaleUpFood supports entrepreneurs in making the transition to a full-scale professional

Scale Up Core

🟢 Applications open

In the Scale Up Core growth program, you will build a powerful foundation that will enable your management team to effortlessly make progress and fully realize your company’s potential. Rise Programme

🟢 Applications open

Rise is an exclusive program for serious tech players. In a trusted environment, scaleup founders share and discuss their growth challenges during tailor-made sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and scaling experts. Every quarter 10 companies are selected to join the program.

Compass Programme

🟢 Applications open

Compass is a global expansion program for Dutch scaleups looking to go international. It provides access to experts, supports strategic planning, and delivers the market intelligence businesses need to expand in less time, with less risk and less cost.

Pole Position Initiative

🟢 Applications open

Pole Position is an exclusive initiative for ambitious deep-tech entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. In a safe, active environment, startup founders of early-stage deep tech ventures discuss their growth challenges during tailor-made sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs & key stakeholders. Yearly,  10 companies with a focus on health tech are selected to join the initiative.

Scaleup Impact

🟢 Applications open

Scaleup Impact is an intensive 12-month program during which you will be working ‘on’ your company & its future, learning from other growth teams, learning about inspiring topics and specializing in practical tools.

Scale-up Boost

🟢 Applications open

Scale-up Boost is the growth program for scale-ups. Especially suited for entrepreneurs with a turnover of €1M and more and who employ 10 FTEs, you will be working with like-minded people ON your company for three, six or twelve months. Parallel to this you will also become part of the Scale-up Boost network.

DutchBasecamp Globaliser

🟢 Applications open

The DutchBasecamp Globaliser is a 12-week intensive program helping you speed up your international growth. During this program, you and seven other selected entrepreneurs will build an internationalization strategy, closely guided by experienced founders and experts.

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