H2Makers: Connecting the hydrogen manufacturing industry in the Rotterdam region.

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This summer the first H2Makers Meet-Up was held and gathered quite a crowd of hydrogen innovators at Platform Zero in Rotterdam.

Launch H2Makers during World Hydrogen Summit, May 2023, © Jan de Groen.

Companies from the regional manufacturing industry, representatives of educational institutions, test centres, corporates, and experts from the hydrogen market were present.

H2Makers is a new organisation that supports the regional manufacturing industry in the province of South Holland and aims to establish regional value chain cooperation in the manufacturing industry for hydrogen solutions. Next to a helpdesk H2Makers connects SMEs to hydrogen test centres, supports the development of hydrogen education, and courses and organizes events and innovation challenges.

H2Makers Meet-Up

With Meet-Ups H2Makers aims to inspire members of the H2Makers network with hydrogen innovations, explore market opportunities, share knowledge, and connect with relevant value chain partners. On stage this first meet-up were two scale-up companies that have developed innovative hydrogen solutions with commercial success:

1.Zepp.solutions replaces the use of diesel with a hydrogen fuel cell system for heavy power transport applications.

2.Watermeln replaces the use of diesel with a full service on-demand hydrogen generator for temporary power.

Both entrepreneurs shared their growth ambitions and challenges to scale up their business activities and to produce larger volumes:
–> The knowledge of value chain partners has contributed to the quality of product development and to remove obstacles.
–> A shortened value chain with regional component suppliers and manufacturing partners helps to iterate faster.
–> Seeking cooperation with the manufacturing industry in the Rotterdam area offers opportunities for synergy.

Participants first H2Makers Meet-Up

Support from H2Makers

Zepp.solutions can use the help of partners from the H2Makers network in finding a suitable location, talent for the workshop, permits and risk-bearing support for hydrogen business development. Watermeln is looking for collaborative opportunities for regional procurement of components and software solutions and calls on the H2Makers network to purchase more affordable green hydrogen regionally.

H2Makers will organize Meet-Ups as well as hydrogen innovation Challenges in the Rotterdam region multiple times a year. Stay tuned to our events via H2Makers on Linked-In.

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