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Make it happen

Rotterdam a world of possibilities

Rotterdam could be considered a pocked sized metropole. It is facing many of the same economic, social and environmental challenges as other big cities around the world. Technological disruption and global competition require cities to rethink their economy. Economic opportunities need to be distributed fairly to ensure lasting prosperity. Ecological pressure and climate change demand fast and fundamental changes of virtually all aspects of industry and society.

Facing many challenges

Much of its port and industry are still fossil based, making the city vulnerable in the long term. A continuous inflow of newcomers adds to a population already dealing with existing social inequalities. Rotterdam is also situated in one of the lowest-lying river deltas in the world, making it extremely vulnerable to climate change. The scale of these challenges paired with limited budgets and manpower requires creativity, focus, the forging of new partnerships.

A framework for innovation

The Roadmap Next Economy, a collaboration with Jeremy Rifkin, outlines the major economic, societal and technological transitions our city will make. The Rotterdam Klimaatakkoord (Climate agreement) reaffirms its full commitment to the Paris Agreement to achieving a CO2 neutral and circular economy by 2050. UP!Rotterdam is a comprehensive program to reinforce small and mid-sized innovative companies which form the bedrock of a reinvented economy.

Come to Rotterdam and meet the world

Our diverse population is shaped by migration from almost every corner of the world. The richness of their diversity is a core strength of the city and its innovation ecosystem. The Covid-19 outbreak underlines the interconnectedness of Rotterdam and the rest of the world. Rotterdam needs the world, and increasingly: the world needs Rotterdam. Partnering with other cities is key to building a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable future for the continent and the world.


A place where innovations grow and spread across the city and beyond

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Shaping society that is inclusive and sustainable, creating an economy that attracts innovators and pioneers and building a future for all.

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