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Resilient Rotterdam

Rotterdam is facing urgent social, economic and environmental challenges. The digital transformation, increasing global competition and disruptive technologies require that we have to continuously redesign our economy and society.
Ecological pressure and climate change demand fast and fundamental changes of virtually all aspects of our policy. Rotterdam acts now, decisively and resilient.

Impossible odds have always brought out the best in us.
Bombardments during WWII destroyed our city centre, but also paved the way for modern city design and new forms of architecture. It took the construction of colossal waterworks and the early adoption of the cargo container to build Europe’s best connected and busiest port.
A major flood taught our country valuable lessons about water management. Other cities follow our lead and share our insights on this topic. Being one of the world’s lowest situated city puts extra pressure on the challenges of climate change. We are taking on massive challenges, which demand innovative solutions, whereby the city and its inhabitants never shy away from experimentation.

Make It Happen.
Rotterdam has an undutch diverse population, with over 170 nationalities. Providing the city with a wide variety of cultural, social and educational characteristics. On top of that we are blessed with a make-it-happen mentality. Next to developing plans, we also put them to the test. The rich cultural diversity of our city is our core strength and a vibrant source of inspiration for innovation. We seek active involvement as the foundation for a winning long term strategy. By connecting citizens, policy makers, educators, businesses, knowledge institutions, creative pioneers and investors we forge new alliances. Which seeks, finds and implements the solutions needed for challenges of the 21st century. By sharing our experience and solutions we build a prosperous and sustainable future. And above all: retaining a strong focus on including all citizens.


Reinventing the city and forging new alliances.

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Bottom up involvement, local answers, life long learning.

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Team up, scale up, share and learn.

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Shaping society that is inclusive and sustainable, creating an economy that attracts innovators and pioneers and building a future for all.

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