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Rotterdam is known for its world-leading physical economy built around the port of Rotterdam.

Today the digital economy is catching up fast, already 33% of the economy of Rotterdam can be counted as digital. The labor market is also changing rapidly. 

Already, 25% of the jobs in Rotterdam jobs can be called digital. This can also be seen in the changes in businesses in Rotterdam. There are communities of start-ups and scale-ups around tech innovation in several areas and online solutions and services.

Digital businesses can use the vibrant city innovation infrastructures to find partners and ideas. And the city welcomes new digital businesses that want to do business in Rotterdam. With two of the worlds leading internet exchanges, Rotterdam has perfect connectivity to the rest of the world. 

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Digital information technology is immersing faster and more deeply into our daily lives. Rotterdam ensures that the city and its residents keep abreast of this change.

Rotterdam works and experiments with new applications and helps its residents and companies with their questions, problems, and challenges while simultaneously preparing the city landscape and its own organization for upcoming technologies.

Digitalization is a worldwide development that is already contributing to a significant impact on our lives. It is not without reason that it is a recurring theme within the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN.

Living Lab Sensible Sensor

This English version of the Living Lab Sensible Sensor document gives an overview of the themes, projects, and lessons learned from Living Lab Sensible Sensor Reyeroord. Extended information in Dutch can be found on Ondernemen010 | Living Lab Sensible Sensor

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