Rotterdam: Europe’s Hydrogen Hub

Welcome to the port of Rotterdam. Welcome to the city of Rotterdam. Welcome to the province of Zuid-Holland. Welcome to Europe’s Hydrogen Hub.

By working together, the Province, the City, the Port, InnovationQuarter, Rotterdam Partners and Economic Board Zuid-Holland highlight their regional commitment to become Europe’s Hydrogen Hub, which is a key component towards a circular economy and carbon-neutrality by 2050.

The plans include the development of a world-class hydrogen value chain, with projects including large scale production of green and blue hydrogen, imports and infrastructure, all of them now under way at the Port of Rotterdam.

Hydrogen proposition

Please contact Lieuwe Brouwer if you want te read more about why Rotterdam is Europe’s Hydrogen Hub. In our hydrogen proposition you can read the details and how you can be part of Europe’s Hydrogen Hub.


Lieuwe Brouwer:


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The Hydro Generation

The future of hydrogen lies in Rotterdam. Because that is precisely where the Hydro Generation sees and seizes opportunities to make history. The Hydro Generation is a group of pioneers who see Rotterdam as the place to achieve innovative CO2-neutral solutions. We asked them why they see Rotterdam as Europe’s Hydrogen Hub.