Life Sciences & Health 010

Rotterdam is home to over 400 Life Sciences & Health (LSH) enterprises and organisations. This is a market share of 10% of all LSH enterprises nationwide, making the Rotterdam-region one of the leading LSH networks in the Netherlands!

The LSH-networks

Naturally, an extensive network of ICT-organisations, employment advisors, and design agencies are also involved in the LSH-sector. This means that the LSH-sector provides a large number of jobs and is one of the most important sectors for the local economy of the Rotterdam region. In that respect, the LSH-network is part of a larger network. In the region, Rotterdam is part of the Medical Delta – a medical and technological collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC, University of Leiden, TU Delft, and the Leiden University Medical Centre. Supplemented by (local) governments, science parks, and over 150 enterprises, this makes the Medical Delta the largest cluster of life and health sciences organizations in the Netherlands.


LSH010 is an initiative of the municipality of Rotterdam. With LSH010 the municipality unites enterprises, organizations, and institutions in the economically thriving Life Sciences & Health sector in Rotterdam. The municipality achieves this by:

  • Offering an (international) podium to enterprises from Rotterdam
  • Bringing different parties together, both online and offline
  • Sharing knowledge and collaboratively working on large problems and innovations
  • Offering support to starting and expanding enterprises

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New campus Erasmus MC

The campus of the Erasmus Medical Centre is being renewed. The new campus will be a lively place in which healthcare, technology and entrepreneurship come together in (new) buildings. Medical organizations, innovative enterprises in the field of healthcare and technology, and educational- and research institutions will collaborate to bring the latest (medical) developments into practice.

The campus is envisioned as a community in which students, scientists, and educators share their talent, knowledge, and expertise. With their close collaboration in the development of the new campus, the municipality of Rotterdam and the Erasmus MC display their strong allegiance.

The development of the campus has already been set into motion but will be accelerated from 2024 onwards. At that point, new construction projects will start for buildings that can house healthcare partners and related start-ups. The buildings on the side of the ‘s-Gravendijkwal and the Westzeedijk are the first to be renovated and transformed. The new campus allows for an expansion of about 361.000 m2. The first new buildings will be completed in 2027.

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Rotterdam Square

Located in the vibrant heart of the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands Rotterdam Square offers an actively supported ecosystem of talent, research, companies and facilities in the Life Sciences & Health sector in Rotterdam and the region. With top institutions like the Erasmus MC, Erasmus University and the Technical University of Delft, high-level research, creative entrepreneurs and the newly completed Erasmus MC Campus as the place to start and build up your company.

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Erasmus MC campus Masterplan 2050

In Masterplan 2050, the vision for the future of the Erasmus MC campus is outlined. The Masterplan includes the ambition, the possibilities, and the conditions that the municipality of Rotterdam and Erasmus MC envision for sustainable development. The municipality and Erasmus MC are currently developing the Masterplan further.