Smart Energy Systems Program

Subsidy scheme for sustainable innovation

Rotterdam raises the bar on sustainability. We strive to be innovative and progressive. Indispensable for realising this ambition is a clean, reliable, and robust energy system. With the Smart Energy Systems (SES) program we contribute to a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient energy system.

With the SES-program, the municipality grants subsidies to organisations and entrepreneurs who accelerate the energy transition with their initiatives. The subsidy amounts to a maximum of EUR 100,000 for a feasibility study, experimental development, or a pilot in the field of Smart Energy Systems.

Check whether your initiative is eligible for the SES subsidy scheme

Does your initiative have a strong relation to the city of Rotterdam and is it sustainable and innovative? Moreover, is your initiative scalable and financially well thought-out? Check whether your initiative is eligible and what steps you are supposed to take. Next to receiving the subsidy you will be granted access to a network of partners and relevant expertise.

Apply for the SES subsidy

The round to apply for this subsidy is now open. Applicant can apply for a grant until November 10, 2023.