Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement, which was signed by the business community, educational institutions and the municipality, is an important instrument in terms of employment in Rotterdam. The aim of the agreement is to get and keep more Rotterdammers in work. It must address the mismatch between supply and demand in the labour market. The cooperation partners are working on a future-proof and inclusive labour market in which there is a place for everyone, and more Rotterdammers can reap the benefits of economic growth. The thirteen partners in the coalition who started the Learning Agreement expect that employment in the Rotterdam Rijnmond region will increase further in the coming years, however there are still many Rotterdammers who are not yet working.

Ready for the future
Rotterdam will have to take account of a levelling-off of economic growth in the coming years. It is therefore even more important that the decrease in the number of social security payments continues. A challenge to get and keep more Rotterdammers in work will require a breakthrough. That is why Rotterdam is focusing on more customised solutions and personal attention for jobseekers. The municipality has a broader view of what is going on in a person's life and of the person behind the jobseeker. The support that someone needs to help them get back to work is quickly identified and arranged. Our world is changing rapidly. The energy transition, circular economy and digitisation are major challenges in the labour market. These create new jobs and professions.dding some text to see how it works.