Scaling up - Rotterdam Makers District

Rotterdam Makers District as innovative breeding ground

Smaller scale bottom up initiatives are the fertile ground where new ideas come to life. To put a real dent in the universe and generate global impact these ideas need space to scale up. The newly formed Rotterdam Makers district covers a large chunk of the older parts of the port area. Here, new ideas are tested, alliances are forged and products are launched that will have global impact.

It offers companies, start-ups and scale-ups room for experimentation and production. Additionally, it offers talented workers an attractive place to live, learn and work. The district is rapidly growing into a full-fledged innovation ecosystem by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, schooling and research institutions as well as policy makers such as the European initiative Mobility City Campus.

Third Industrial Revolution

We are in the era of the third Industrial Revolution: Digital manufacturing. Making things is becoming increasingly digital and the barriers for doing things yourself are getting lower. Nowadays, you don't have to make anything physical first to see if it works, you can make your designs first and test them with software. At the same time, machines are becoming ever cheaper, so that an idea that can actually be produced is within everyone's reach.

RDM Rotterdam

RDM Rotterdam is a location for education, businesses and events at the old shipyard of the Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM) in Heijplaat, in the middle of the Rotterdam Stadshavens. Using the motto Research, Design & Manufacturing, education and businesses work together on sustainable and innovative solutions in the fields of construction, mobility and energy.

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