The program MKB010>>Next inspires, informs, and stimulates SMEs to conduct their business digitally, sustainably, and circularly. In cooperation with our partners, we ensure that the relevant knowledge, means, and networks are presented as accessibly as possible to help the SMEs in Rotterdam move forward.

Shifting economies

Our economies are increasingly shifting towards digitalization, sustainability, and circularity. These changes are fast-paced, all-encompassing and irreversible. These changes have immense consequences for the SMEs in Rotterdam. At the same time, they present appealing opportunities.

More information on MKB010>>Next

By following the links below, you can view the goodie bag page with useful links and information about digitalization; you can view the calendar for upcoming sessions, webinars and workshop; you can view more information on the program; and you can read stories of local entrepreneurs who demonstrate how they have shifted these changes into opportunities. Note: these pages are all in Dutch.