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  • Prevent cartel formation as a self-employed professional

    If you work with other entrepreneurs, you are not allowed to make price agreements or divide customers. That would be cartel formation. This is prohibited under the Dutch Competition Act (Mededingingswet) because it hinders fair competition between companies. There are exceptions.

  • Wouter Goedhart

    Wouter Goedhart on building a recruitment marketing company and investing in startups

    As co-founder and years-long CEO of VONQ, a key player in the recruitment marketing space, Wouter has learned tons about growing a company and building great teams.

    • Digital
  • Arosha Brouwer on the importance of understanding wellbeing and taking it into your own hands

    Arosha Brouwer on the importance of understanding wellbeing

    “With 17 employees and five amazing interns, we are spread across five time zones and are proud of the fact that we have 14 different nationalities onboard. And while it was not a conscious strategy to build such a diverse team from the get-go, it simply happened. That’s how we are.”

    • Health