A healthy future for Rotterdam South with NPRZ

In the National Programme Rotterdam South (NPRZ), the government, the municipality of Rotterdam, corporations, care institutions, school boards, the business community, the police and the Public Prosecution Service are working on a healthy future for Rotterdam South. Together, these partners want to ensure that the level of education, employment and quality of living rise to the average of the four major cities in the Netherlands within 20 years. A way of working that is an immediate test for what cooperation can look like in the future.

The score
After five years of the NPRZ, results show that improvement seems to be starting. For example, the CITO scores are rising and students from Rotterdam South are catching up with students from elsewhere in Rotterdam and the G4. In addition, more students are choosing courses with a healthy perspective for a job in care and technology. Although the percentage of benefit recipients has not yet fallen enough, Rotterdam South is still catching up with the G4. Furthermore, the property values (WOZ) are rising in Rotterdam South and a strong start has been made to tackle the substandard private housing stock. House-hunters from the north bank, as well as from outside Rotterdam, are increasingly turning their attention to houses in Rotterdam South.

And now keep going!
These developments are cause for great hope and give residents and the partners in the NPRZ the proof that their efforts are having an effect. But they are still fragile achievements. There are numerous threats and challenges facing Rotterdam South. Therefore, it is important that we continue to take action in the coming years. In the Rotterdam way. There is a good reason why the NPRZ is a long-term programme. The law of the farm applies to the NPRZ: It is not hard work alone that determines success, crops also need time to grow. Because this is what the Rotterdam South residents deserve.