Platform Zero opens first location of Climate Campus

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Exactly one year after the start of the company in 2021, the first building of the Climate Campus of Platform Zero has opened its doors in the Merwe4Haven (M4H). The opening was celebrated with various startups and companies from the Rotterdam energy & maritime ecosystem. The program was filled with presentations by Saskia Mureau, director digital & logistics at Port of Rotterdam and Tim Houter, founder of the mobility scale-up Hardt Hyperloop.

Peter Goedvolk (First Dutch) Mare Straetmans (Platform Zero) Petra de Groene (Gemeente Rotterdam) Saskia Mureau (Port of Rotterdam) Auke Ferwerda (Platform Zero) Tim Houter (Hardt Hyperloop)
Peter Goedvolk (First Dutch) Mare Straetmans (Platform Zero) Petra de Groene (Gemeente Rotterdam) Saskia Mureau (Port of Rotterdam) Auke Ferwerda (Platform Zero) Tim Houter (Hardt Hyperloop)

Connecting startups

As of today, startups from the maritime and energy sector with climate technologies can find a workplace at Platform Zero. Platform Zero Climate Campus will be connecting startups and multinationals in these sectors. The initiative aims to be a catalyst for growth companies in climate tech from the region and internationally. Platform Zero wants to support entrepreneurs in their international positioning and attracting investment capital. The initiators call the opening only a first step. The company has great international ambitions. During the opening, a video from Portugal was shown, showing Platform Zero working on a second campus near Lisbon.

Rotterdam industry

Rotterdam is known worldwide for its port. Although the emissions of the industry are increasingly under discussion. However, Platform Zero sees the proximity of large industrial players in the maritime and energy cluster as an opportunity: to contribute to solving climate problems on an industrial scale. Startups and scale-ups benefit enormously from testing a technology on larger volumes. For example, while the industry needs to innovate faster with new, sustainable technologies.

“Rotterdam growth companies deserve an international platform and are among the top in the world. By working together with leading companies and funds, we can help make the Dutch economy more sustainable, work together on solutions to the climate problem and create new jobs.”

Auke Ferwerda


The transformation in the M4H area is in full swing. The area has developed into a place for ambitious entrepreneurs in the energy transition. Not only did Platform Zero open its doors this week, but the sustainable mobility scale-up Hardt Hyperloop has also recently settled in the area. Mare Straetmans, co-founder of Platform Zero: “This is a beautiful part of Rotterdam where you can feel the old raw character of the city and see the containers being towed from the port in front of you. But on the other hand, you also see the latest technologies at Hardt Hyperloop, for example


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