PortXL - expanding across the world

Port XL combines attracting new talent, resources and funding to boost maritime and port innovation. Cultivating a spirit of innovation and collaboration within the global maritime industry, PortXL has built a lively ecosystem of start-ups and corporate partners. Over the years PortXL has scouted 1.000 start-ups from across the entire globe, accelerated dozens of them and signed more than 80 pilot contracts. Further strengthening our port and city as potential role models for others PortXL opened two branches in major maritime hubs in 2018: Singapore and Antwerp. It is currently looking for expansion into the USA.

Cleaning the oceans with Waste Sharks
One of the companies in the PortXL programme – the first port accelerator in the world – is RanMarine. With their 'Waste Sharks', this company wants to contribute to the cleaning up the large 'plastic soup' that floats around the world's seas. Over the next six months, four autonomously swimming Waste Sharks will 'swallow up' the floating litter in the port of Rotterdam. This system is included in the Port Waste Catch project run by the Port of Rotterdam Authority, who will be supervising the pilot project. The ingenious thing about the Waste Shark is that it can be used 24/7. The device can take up to 500 kilos of waste out of the water per load. The plastic can then be recycled and serve as raw material for the manufacturing industry in the city.

Part of PortXL
PortXL is a collaboration between several companies in the marine sector, focusing on accelerating startups in no more than 3 months. They created an intense mentorship programme, especially for port related industries. The programme is designed for all kinds of business – from startups and spinouts to SMEs and multinationals. The participants are challenged on several topics, such as their business model, their finance and investments, marketing and how well they tell their story. There are a wide range of partners and mentors working together in PortXL. As well as the programme itself, participating in PortXL opens the door to a complete ecosystem of port-related business. The teams also have to pitch their ideas to an audience of launching customers, business angels, venture capitalists, multinationals, journalists, sponsors and others that can help them to grow their business.