Postponement of further UK customs rules until end 2023

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The UK government plans to announce a new customs regime in autumn 2022 for, among other things, security declarations (ENS) and the inspection of veterinary and phytosanitary cargo entering the UK. The implementation will start at the end of 2023. Postponement Brexit customs rules until end 2023

What does the postponement mean?

In concrete terms, this means that for the time being, businesses do NOT need to prepare for:

  • Mandatory security declarations for all cargo – ENS
  • Certification for most veterinary and phytosanitary cargo
  • Checks on this veterinary and phytosanitary cargo at Border Control Posts
  • Certification and checks for all dairy products
  • Certification and checks for all remaining veterinary cargo

The UK government has announced its intention to publish a new regime for import controls in autumn 2022. This will be done in a Target Operating Model. Following this, a start will be made with the implementation at the end of 2023.

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You can read the official statement of the British government about the postponement here. A translation of this information for the business community can be found on

Please note! All existing customs regulations in the UK remain in force.

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