Right 2 Challenge

Rotterdam belongs to all of its residents. That is why the municipality started the Right 2 Challenge (R2C). It is a way of participation in which districts and neighbourhoods take local facilities and municipal duties into their own hands. Right 2 Challenge motivates the people of Rotterdam to put good ideas into practice. Can the management of the community centre be improved, or can the maintenance of a park be carried out more efficiently for the same money? Rotterdammers are invited to challenge the municipality and improve their city.

Cooperation between government and residents
The idea behind Right 2 Challenge is that ownership and control are returned to the city. It is no longer a question of 'who does what?' but rather 'how can we create a cooperation between government and residents in such a way that makes local initiatives possible?' This could also mean that the municipality remains in charge of the task, but that residents participate in the way in which the task is carried out.

The Municipality of Rotterdam is open to this new way of working for any idea regarding Right 2 Challenge. At the same time, the general interest and safety of Rotterdammers must be considered. The plan must therefore meet a number of conditions. A couple of examples: The applicants must have strong roots in the neighbourhood. The challenging party must be able to put the arrangements in place. The initiative is borne by the neighbourhood and the costs should not exceed the current costs.