Smart City

Smart city, city of Rotterdam
© Peter Gooris

In short, the idea of a smart city is to use technology as a solution for urban challenges. An important basis for this is the collection of data about the city. This information makes it possible for Rotterdam to organise processes more efficiently, to respond better to the demands of the environment and to respond more quickly to challenges. We therefore invest in expanding our data collection of the city. Rotterdam is proud to be one of the leading cities in the Horizon2020 RUGGEDISED project. As part of this European project, we tested and developed thirteen innovative sustainable measures in the development area ‘Hart van Zuid’. Another project where smart comes into play is the Rotterdam roof programme. This programme makes use of Artificial Intelligence to gain insight into the potential to add new applications onto Rotterdam rooftops. Or the Digital Twin programme, where we are building a 3D digital version of Rotterdam which we use as a basis for digital planning, interaction, data visualization, and much more. But a lot more is going on, too much to mention here.