With a growing demand for local IT professionals, there is a need to train talent to fill the specialized positions out there. TechGrounds was set up to do just that. It offers a wide range of trainings and courses to help people develop the skills that the market is looking for. 

At its core, the organization aims to create more diversity within the tech sector. Women and people from cultural minority backgrounds are currently underrepresented in IT, and TechGrounds is specifically looking to spark interest among them. The goal is to make the sector as accessible as possible to everyone and give local talent the opportunity to build a career in IT.

TechGrounds is a school without teachers. It is built on the concept of peer learning and places an emphasis on developing the soft as well as the hard skills necessary to work productively in a tech team. Coaches and experienced professionals pass their knowledge on to the ones starting out, who in turn will share their experience later on. To make this work, the organization is continuously growing its network of partners across the IT sector. 

If you are a startup or scale-up in need of great IT talent, TechGrounds may have just the right candidate for you. Visit their website to learn more.