The city of Rotterdam is taking a step towards making its fleet more sustainable.

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At the 2023 World Hydrogen Summit, Vice-Mayor Simons and forester Alisa Troost ceremonially received the keys to the hydrogen-driven pickup truck from H2X Global. This truck will be used in the Kralingse Bos to support the city’s climate action efforts.

Rotterdam receives keys hydrogen-driven pickup truck from H2X Global
© Jan de Groen.

Sustainable fleet

To align with its goal of having all city vehicles zero-emission by 2030, the City of Rotterdam is prioritizing its forestry services, responsible for the care and preservation of nature within Rotterdam, by providing them with zero-emission vehicles. This ensures that the vehicles entrusted with the task of maintaining and safeguarding the city’s natural environment are in line with the sustainability objectives set by the city.

Importance of innovations

Rotterdam plays a crucial role in supporting innovative projects and startups like HYGRO and H2X. Public support is often necessary for the development of pilots and initial research into major investments. The city’s support leads to further technological and business development, fostering healthy businesses and employment opportunities.

The investment in this hydrogen pickup truck is a result of the city’s efforts through the Smart Energy Systems program, which aims to accelerate private innovation in energy transition. One of the program’s innovations is the hydrogen wind turbine and the “wind to wheel” concept introduced by HYGRO.

Rotterdam: Europe’s Hydrogen Hub

As Europe’s Hydrogen Hub, Rotterdam is putting its vision into practice with the purchase of its first H2X hydrogen pickup truck. By deploying hydrogen vehicles, the city aims to gain insights into their practical usage in daily operations. The use of hydrogen in the pickup truck also supports the development of hydrogen production capacity and infrastructure. The pickup truck, along with future H2X hydrogen vehicles, serves as key off-takers to incentivize investment in other parts of the hydrogen value chain. The lessons learned from this initiative will guide the city towards a fully climate-neutral vehicle fleet.

Vice-Mayor Robert Simons (Port & Economy): “Rotterdam is working on becoming Europe’s Hydrogen Hub. The city is putting this into practice with the purchase of this first hydrogen pick-up truck. The support of the city of Rotterdam leads to further development of technology and business cases. Which in the end leads to healthy businesses and employment opportunities for the city. Our forestry services take care of the nature in our city, so we’re happy that they can drive sustainably while they do their work. And of course, it’s important for our citizens to breathe the cleanest possible air when they take a walk in the parks.”

H2X Global

Chris Reitz, Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer at H2X Global adds: “At H2X, we are actively developing a range of logistic vehicles, including the Warrego Pick-up, to establish a “Proof of Concept” ecosystem. This ecosystem serves a dual purpose: familiarizing customers with operating hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen refueling infrastructure, and enabling companies like H2X and others along the Hydrogen value chain to start implementing maintenance and aftersales services that make this ecosystem sustainable in the long run and a viable alternative to fossil fuels.
We are pleased to announce that these vehicles will be deployed to various Local Authorities across the Netherlands, including the City of Rotterdam. These Local Authorities play a crucial role as early adopters of this technology and, together with our Dutch partners HYGRO, support our pioneering efforts in decarbonizing the commercial transport sector.”

The Hydro Generation

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