World Energy Council convenes key energy figures to launch road to Congress in Rotterdam

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Redesigning Energy for People and Planet

"Road to Congress WEC 2024, Minister Rob Jetten and Angela Wilkinson CEO WEC
Minister Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate and Energy Policy and Angela Wilkinson, CEO World Energy Council
© Iris van den Broek

Road to Congress

The World Energy Council brought together key stakeholders from across the energy spectrum to launch the Road to Congress series of events at the City Hall in Rotterdam, in the lead up to the 26th World Energy Congress.

The event captures the spirit and excitement of the upcoming Congress and delivers a taster of the conversations, stories, and strategic moments of impact participants can look forward to when they convene in Rotterdam in April 2024. The insights from the conversations today will also help inform the agenda and programme at Congress.

Marking the start of the Road to Congress, yesterday’s event includes discussions between a number of key energy leaders and stakeholders, including HE Minister Rob Jetten, World Energy Council Secretary General and CEO Dr Angela Wilkinson, Vice Mayor of Rotterdam Chantal Zeegers, and Chair of the World Energy Council The Netherlands Jeroen van Hoof.

Congress theme: Redesigning Energy for People and Planet

The Road to Congress series spotlights the pivotal theme of ‘Redesigning Energy for People and Planet’ at a time when energy dominates global headlines, fostering debate around the importance of a clean and just energy transition.

The energy landscape of The Netherlands has changed dramatically since the government decided to stop mining natural gas from the fields in the province of Groningen. This has made the country much more dependent on imported sources of energy. With the war in Ukraine and energy prizes surging, there has been an enormous increase in consumer awareness, speeding up the transition from fossil to renewable energy sources.

Rotterdam host city for WEC 2024

The series, launched yesterday in Rotterdam, chosen by the Council as the city at the heart of Europe’s energy transition that consistently endorses innovation, is home to the continent’s largest smart port and world-leading energy economy. We encourage you to follow the Road to Congress series and to participate in the discussions. Together, we can build a better future for energy.

Chantal Zeegers, Vice Mayor and Alder(wo)man for Climate, Building and Housing, City of Rotterdam, said:

“For the City of Rotterdam, hosting next year’s World Energy Congress on redesigning global energy fits in perfectly with our commitment to a fast and fair energy transition. With our Climate Action Plan, we, as Rotterdam City Council, have mapped out what is needed to protect our city against climate change. We must roll up our sleeves even more to achieve our climate goals for 2030 and 2050. To this end, as a municipality, we engage in dialogue with residents, entrepreneurs and other partners about the plans and make concrete agreements. And by hosting and contributing to the World Energy Congress in April next year, we aim to give the energy transition an extra boost.”

For more information about the Rotterdam Climate Agreement go to: Energy

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