WW@Work - Everyone benefits from economic growth

The number of social security benefits in Rotterdam fell by 6.3% in 2018, from 37,667 to 35,292. In 2017, the decrease was still 3%, while in previous years the number of social security payments increased. For the first time in years, there is no social security shortfall in the municipal budget. This can be seen in the Rotterdam Work and Income Monitor 2018.

Vice major Richard Moti (including Work & Income) 'One of the major ambitions of this council is to reduce the number of social security benefits to 30,000 in 2022. More Rotterdammers should then be able to benefit from the economic growth. With last year's reduction, the interim milestone of 36,000 benefits by the end of 2018 has been reached. I am very pleased about this, because it means that we have 2,375 households in Rotterdam with social benefits fewer than last year. That is a lot of people who are financially independent again and who can continue to develop themselves through their work. However, it is now important to keep going now and to continue the decrease, because we are not there yet.'

Support to Work
In 2018, 4,506 Rotterdammers started work. In addition, the intake is almost 17% lower than in 2017. Together with the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency), the municipality tries to ensure that jobseekers find a job before they have to apply for social assistance. Rotterdammers also receive support to find work during the application period for social security benefits. Through the joint initiatives of WW@Work and BuroWerk, 1,050 people received support to find work in 2018.